Individuals and institutions are now allowed to register multiple lease contracts in one certificate online

Individuals and institutions are now allowed to register multiple lease contracts in one certificate online

Individuals and institutions are now allowed to register multiple lease contracts in one certificate online, according to updated terms and conditions on real estate lease contract registration published by Qatar e-Government Portal – Hukoomi. A grace period of two months for registration of lease contract has also been granted to them.

Individuals and institutions may submit a request to the Registration of Real Estate Lease Contracts Office at the different municipalities for real estate contracts between the lessor and the lessee for registration, said Hukoomi on its portal. 

The applicants are given the option of adding more than one building or housing unit to the same certificate provided. The contract is also effective from the date of its conclusion rather than the date of validity. 

Grace period of two months from the date of concluding the contract has been granted. After that, a memo is issued, followed by a report that is prepared by the municipality director and referred to the competent police station in order to take action against those violating the provisions of Law No. (4) of 2008 on Property Leasing and its amendments. 

The applicants are required to log in to the website of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) using the National Authentication System (NAS), then select the ‘Lease Contracts’ service for registration. 

The applicants will have to provide some details of the lessee like name and nationality, QID number of lessee and all residents in the same housing unit. Address or PO Box, telephone number and legal representative (if any) are also required. 

Building details are also needed to enter including title deed of building, electricity and water numbers, zone name and number (My Address), if available. Other requirements are building PIN number, (if available), building, floor and flat numbers, area and specifications of leased units, according to the Qatar e-Government Portal. 

The applicant should attach some documents including a copy of contract in Arabic, a copy of title deed (requested in case applicant chooses ‘manual submission’ instead of linking via title deed number). 

Copy of power of attorney or authorisation to register a lease contract, copy of articles of association in case of sublease, copy of QID of lessor (in case of requesting authorization to registration a lease contract) and copy of building completion certificate are also required to be attached. 

The applicant will have to pay appropriate fees and submit an application so that the system sends an SMS on receiving it successfully. 

Competent officers at the Registration of Real Estate Lease Contracts Offices provide this service to the elderly and people with disabilities at the municipality premises. This service is completed in one day and the applicants can view the service information on MME website. A registration fee of 0.5 percent applies from the annual rental value for each residential, commercial or any other unit specified for the property building license, with a minimum of QR250 and a maximum of QR2,500.  


Source: Peninsula (Dated:31/06/2020)