Promoting startups in Doha using Instagram

Promoting startups in Doha using Instagram

The world is indeed a global village and at no point in human history have people been this connected. We have seen communication taken to a whole new level with the internet changing the way businesses are conducted today.

Social media is not left out; people can now share; news, life experiences, pictures on the go and get feedback instantly. It is against this backdrop that businesses too are on social media. If any business wants to be taken seriously in Doha or the GCC and is not on social media, that company is missing out on quite a lot.

Today, Instagram is one of the most popular and fruitful methods of marketing your businesses in Doha. Interestingly, if you look at Doha- Based Instagram accounts, you will find mostly; fashion, beauty, event, and food- related companies.

This is like Doha’s alternative to online shopping as these businesses mentioned above engage actively with their customers on their page; such that they receive orders, process orders, resolve customers complaint by direct messaging through; WhatsApp, email, or through Instagram itself.

Consequently, if you are in the related industry and want to be taken seriously while doing business in Doha, you too can ride the tide, promote, market and give your product the visibility it needs, by being where the customers are.

The following reasons are why you should have an Instagram plan for your business in Doha;

Easy to use

Because of the efficient layout, Instagram stands out in reaching out to your audience. Its unique feature of sharing attractive photos with captivating captions and searchable hashtag cannot be ignored. Along with the ability to customize and make photos more appealing, Instagram is the perfect social media platform that easily grants businesses the visibility and exposure they sought after in the Doha’s business world.

Gives your Business exposure

Do you want the world to know your product and be acquainted with your business? Then don’t hesitate to be on Instagram. The worldwide number of active users on Instagram stands at 400 million, with the latest survey carried out in 2016 by Northwestern University in Qatar showing that half of this users resides in the Arab world and Qatar accounting for the most Instagram users in the Arab world, this exposure will benefit your business in no small way.

Improves Business Growth

The information age has changed the growth curve of companies. Do you know that your business can become an instant household name in a short while if you just pay a little more attention? With a good picture of your product, a visually engaging image of your business, a smartphone, and an Instagram account you are well on your way to building an extraordinary business legacy in Doha. At the just concluded Qatar International Food Festival and Doha’s Magical Festival Village, the popular Instagram businesses acquired vendor status at these festivals and enjoyed, even more, exposure from different audiences.

How Startups can use Instagram ?

Finally, if you own a startup, breaking the barriers to entry into the market has never been easier, in order to promote your business, create an Instagram account for your business, generate a large following, and share excellent content that is appealing to your followers.

People will always follow people so you can start with your Facebook friends, get them to like your postings on Instagram, then with time and through word of mouth, you will garner followership. As you share content, be creative about it, learn to use catchy hashtags, and soon you will be trending and attract huge followership. As you do, engage your followers,  and before you know it, your business is up there, where you want it to be.